Where can I find Biggie Smalls' secret tape?
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Biggie Smalls' demo tape info request: link to blog with mp3s from a secret, early demo tape where he's rapping over other artists' early tracks for the purposes of demonstrating flow, and whereby said artists would emulate his delivery?

A while ago I came across a blog where someone came into possession of a suepr secret tape. On this tape were early demos of rappers, only Biggie was rapping in place of them. The tapes basically show that he either a) wrote all the music and words for people who would become stars in their own right, or b) that he rapped their parts for them, to show them how they should rap-- what their style should be, etc.

In one case, he was rapping over a demo track for a female rapper, rapping about... female things, and when this is compared to to actual release sans Smalls, said female rapper copied his delivery down to the phrasing.

Anyone? Help! 8D
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Best answer: Here's biggie rapping for Lil Kim - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxcJSQeCiLI
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Not an MP3, but is this it??

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Response by poster: Negative. Some other details I remember include the rumored existence of the tape for years and its appearance on eBay, before it was released to the blogger in question.
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Response by poster: Well, here's the site, though the links to the reference tracks are dead.
Please note that the link has NSFW pic.
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Best answer: Queen Bitch (reference track)
Player's Anthem (reference track)

I don't even remember how I searched my way into the original link.
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Response by poster: Looks like wongcorgi had it right!
I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't a whole tape of stuff.

Anyway, that's it!
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