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Earlier today I had an accident and my permanent tooth got knocked out. Is there any temporary quick fix that I can buy at a drug store or the like, that will be able to mask the gap until my dentist can fashion a permanent solution? The tooth that I'm missing is my "fang" tooth, second from the right and I have to tend bar tomorrow night and do not feel like explaining the story to each and every customer
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There's still time to make a T-shirt iron-on that says "please do not ask me about my missing tooth".
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Do you still have the tooth that got knocked out? You could temporarilly stick it back on with some denture adhesive. Or jam a Chicklet in there.
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Rinse it with saliva, replace it and bite down on a wet tea bag or folded up towel (paper or otherwise) to wedge it back in there. If it doesn't stay easily, take it out, because you could easily swallow it. There's a kit for preserving knocked out teeth you can get at some pharmacies. Good luck.
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I lost one of my front teeth and my dentist was able to "glue" it to the surrounding teeth until I could schedule a proper appointment.
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If none of the tooth-fixing stuff works, just keep saying, "I got mugged, the mugger looks much worse, and after the police-reporting hassles, I do not want to discuss it." Tips should improve...
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