Where can I find posters of political propaganda?
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I like posters of political propaganda. The United Nations Fight for Freedom, the British Keep Calm and Carry On, Obama's Hope... Tell me about posters similar to these and where I can buy them.

I enjoy Chinese, Russian or Eastern European posters as well, but I'm mainly looking for Western ones.
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If you are in the UK (or visiting) - the Tate Modern currently has an exhibition which may be of interest.
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Here are some interesting soviet era anti-alcohol posters. These ones are not for sale however.
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Lots of good Canadian and British ones here (server is flaky, give it time). Not large enough for printing, though, so I'm curious to hear about where to buy them as well.
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The Imperial War Museum has lots in its online shop.
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Northland Poster Collective feature(s) the art of social justice, the tools of grassroots union organizing and labor activism, and the craft of union workers.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics has more in this vein

Syracuse Cultural Workers might also be worth a look

and don't miss Micah Wright's interesting Propaganda Remix series
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if you're looking for more WWII era stylings, try Art's Not Dead
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I second Jammy's link to Art's Not Dead. I have a thing for propaganda posters from the Spanish Civil War and have purchased 2 posters from them. I paid a little extra to have them printed on heavy canvas. The posters are very nice quality.
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I love the collection of World War II posters at the Hennepin County Library.


I thought you used to be able to order prints, but maybe that's been done away when the Minneapolis Public Library system became part of the county system.
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I like All Posters. I've ordered several posters from them.
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Northern Sun Merchandising has lots of good political posters.
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