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I'm trying to re-find an entertaining episode guide for Columbo that discusses the final disposition of all the cases.

I'm looking for a Columbo episode guide that explains how many cases were dismissed for violations of the rights of the criminal, or for lack of evidence. I saw it online once, but Google has so far been no help.
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It might be:

Corcos, Christine Alice, Columbo Goes to Law School, , Or, Some Thoughts on the Uses of Television in the Teaching of Law, 13 Loy. L.A. Ent. L.J. 499-544 (1993).

but I don't have access to law journals these days
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I do have access to that journal and just called it up for a quick skim. It's not an episode guide (nor is particularly entertaining), but it does cover Columbo's procedural sins in regards to the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments pretty thoroughly.

Email is in profile.
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