Je veux savon de castille!
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is there a website that i can order--and have shipped--Dr. Bronner's soap (lavender, liquid castile) online. Catch: It needs to be shipped to Paris, France. (Cost, within reasonable limits, is not a factor.)

help me make someone very happy, please! Also, I would prefer the website to be in English.
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Response by poster: in case anyone tries...Amazon does not ship this soap to Paris.
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this amazon listing is by the vitamin shoppe and their shipping rates page on amazon make it clear that they ship to over 200+ countries with ups, including france.
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alternately, since you're in new york city, there's probably a deli near you that sells dr bronner's—just buy a bottle and ship it yourself? there are a bunch of 24 hour delis within ten minutes of my apartment that sell the particular item you want; i bought a bottle a few months ago at 2 a.m. to wash delicates with.
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you could contact the company directly. i don't know how international orders work since i've only ordered from the US, but it looks like you can at least talk to them about it.
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Best answer: may be just the ticket [par avion] for your suds... check this out: lavender bronner's in a fairly hefty bottle. they've got the smaller sizes as well. and from a brief peek at their checkout page, it looks like they'll ship first class to france.

fwiw, i get monthly shipments from them and have never been disappointed. i find their prices rather stunning, too; dunno know how they do it.
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American Apparel carry it, and they do ship to Paris. I haven't been into a branch of the shop in a while so I can't say if it's just mail order, but they have quite a few Paris shops and might carry it in them, too.
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Sorry, please ignore the non-mail order half, I just reread your question with my brain switched on.
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It looks like The Hemp Shop and 21st Century Health, both in the UK, ship to France. I used to by my Dr B from the latter back in the day.
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A note, suggestion: I use the gallon Dr Bronner's and it lasts me 13 months for 2 people. No degradation. This might save you the constant ordering.
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