90's tv show skit about deviled eggs?
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Mystery TV show segment - in the early 90's (I think) there was an American cable television show which had a cutaway gag about the history of movie theater popcorn. The joke was that before popcorn was invented, concession stands sold deviled eggs. Help me find it!

I'm pretty sure I saw this on cable in the early to mid-90's as a kid, most likely on Nickelodeon. My first thought was Pete & Pete, or maybe a Bill Nye the Science Guy skit, but Google is failing me. If I remember correctly, the actual gag featured a 1950's era concession stand with a popcorn machine stuffed full of deviled eggs, which an employee was hurriedly shoveling into paper trays for a crowd of customers. Am I crazy?
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I remember seeing this, but I thought it was in a movie theater as the "don't you want some popcorn?" reel. You are not imagining it. I can't find it anywhere.
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According to a 1999 Usenet discussion, it was a Moviefone ad, and as such was in theatres (although I suppose nothing prevents it from having been shown on TV as well).
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Not a skit I remember, and a cursory glance at the fan-page didn't turn up anything that looked a likely hit, but this sounds like the sort of gag that would be on Good Eats.
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aubilenon and dhartung are correct. This was shown in movie theaters (although it may also have appeared on television). I remember it clearly.
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I remember it myself. It was definitely an ad, as mentioned, and almost certainly for Moviefone. Good Eats does silly things, but they also make a point of historical accuracy when they talk about the past.
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I'm pretty sure you mean the Moviefone ad. If you do, it was produced for Ryan Drossman and Partners, which is now part of MARC USA, so you may be able to get a clip from them.
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Response by poster: Wow, my memory was pretty far off. Thank you for the great answers, everyone - I have to see if I can find the actual clip now!
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