Offline AskMe reading with iPod/iPhone?
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Using an iPod Touch, is there a way to automatically download the latest 50 (or some preset number) Ask MetaFilter questions and answers for off-line reading on the Touch?
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Instapaper may be up your alley. Haven't tried it with Ask Metafilter specifically, but it's worth a shot.
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rss feed + byline app
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Net News Wire. You'll have to load it up with signal but once they're downloaded, it should work.
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Seems like some sort of offline rss app would be the way to go.
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Best answer: Byline is great - it's the only iPod Touch app I've paid for and I'd do it again. Just open a Google Reader account and add the rss feed. Byline will not only download the question like a normal feed reader, but it will actually archive the website behind the rss post so you can read the answers as well.
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I use Netnewswire, you just have to make sure you refresh the feed before heading out.
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The other suggestions will work, I just want to say that I think a Metafilter App would be the bees knees. Any Touch/iPhone developers out there?
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Re: the above suggestions regarding RSS, the RSS feed only displays the questions, not answers. However, each question has its own RSS feed, so there would probably be a way to script something to grab the RSS feeds from the last 50 questions in the RSS feed. I'm not sure how to do that, though.
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If your up for learning something new, I'm sure you could probably mash the RSS feeds together with Yahoo Pipes. A quick search over there shows a few MetaFilter pipes already setup that might be useful as a starting point: This one gets just the latest entry from each of the MetaFilter feeds and aggregates them into a single view.

I've not used it, but heard it's pretty powerful and coupled with NetNewsWire might get close to what you're looking for.
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OK, so I got interested and had a play around. It needs someone to clean it up a bit (perhaps collect answers and append them to the question?), but this pipe will aggregate all the latest questions and answers into a straight-up feed. Read it from top to bottom and it should work. You could then subscribe in any iPhone RSS reader to follow it.
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