How do I record a 13-hr Internet radio show?
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Radio Station WUMB is having a Bob Dylan Day tomorrow, playing covers of his music from 6 am to 7pm! The problem is I'll be away from my PC for most of the time. What's the simplest and best way to record it? WUMB broadcasts streaming audio over the Net (
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There are loads of options for recording streaming audio, and the variety of formats WUMB provide should make it relatively easy.

However, given that you are recording such a long broadcast, and you will be away from your computer, I might recommend installing the Orb. It is a bit of overkill, since it's an entire remote media server, ie. access your music and videos from anywhere kind of deal - but it does have an extremely useful feature to schedule radio recordings. You could set it to slice the broadcast into hour-long MP3 files, for example.

The radio station URL you should give Orb is
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Best answer: For what it's worth, going to (or more directly to gives me a file save dialog for a 56 kbps MP3 of their live stream.

If you've got browser associations which load that directly into a media program of some sort, then dropping the URL directly into a vanilla download manager should work, I'd assume. I think 13 hours will be around 400 mb.
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Streamripper works well as long as you have a stable Internet connection.
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Response by poster: Aiko: thanks for that. I'm using Firefox and as you said the page brought up a "save file dialog". Terrific! One thing which is very puzzling though is that if I stop the saving and then reload that page, Firefox automatically brings up a Quicktime plug-in. It no longer offers me the "Save file" option. What gives?! Do you know why this happens? Fortunately, I restarted Firefox and was able to get the option offered to me again, so I am now recording Dylan as we speak.

Jimbob: thanks for your suggestion of Orb. I downloaded yesterday and set it up to do a 'scheduled recording'. Unfortunately, when i got up today, it looked like my DSL had dropped during the night, so the recording didn't start. I started it manually but sadly it doesn't seem to have a progress indicator. I didn't know whether the recording was working or not. So I monitored the size of recording file. The file grew from 0 up to 23 MB and then stopped. Orb didn't give any error messages. I restarted the recording and this time it stopped after 1.8 Mb, again no error messages. Maybe I'm missing something. Anyhow I decided to try Aiko's method and so far it looks okay....

qvtqht: Thanks for the Streamripper suggestion. I poked around and found Stationripper also. I've downloaded it and will try it out later on.
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