Where can I find out more about musical artist Hawaiiski Guitary?
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Really Obscure Music Filter: Artist is "Hawaiiski Guitary." Song title is "Tse Vse Tvoya Bayduzhist." I ripped a bunch of stuff off of some mixCDs that I had laying around and came across this while randomly going though iTunes. It's a woman singing...a Russian (I think it's Russian....) Sheryl Crow sort of thing. I'd love to know more, but Google is of no use on this.
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Best answer: Is this what you were looking for?
I just googled for ' Bayduzhist.'
posted by kickingtheground at 9:11 PM on November 14, 2004

Response by poster: Why, yes. I think it is. That's what I get for trusting people's id3 tags, I guess.

posted by amandaudoff at 9:16 PM on November 14, 2004

No, no, that's what you get for searching for too many words at a time. I'm gonna have to check out these choons...
posted by Mo Nickels at 11:57 AM on November 15, 2004

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