Awesome free Windows racing games
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So there are a lot of free (as in beer) FPSes out there. Are there any free racing games of similar caliber?

(I don't mean the free Flash stuff on Kongregate, Newgrounds, etc. If it's there, I've almost certainly played it.)
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Best answer: There's Trackmania Nations, which is very fun, but very arcade-y. If you want a hardcore sim, there's better options out there, I just can't think of any right now.
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Response by poster: I'm not picky. I generally lean more arcadey, just because I lean more casual gamer lately. But I'm for anything that allows me to make car driving noises.

(Holy cow that looks amazing. 500MB? Can't download fast enough. How is this possibly free?)
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It was to drum up business for their larger retail game, Trackmania. If you're leaning towards more casual gaming, you're gonna love this, Plutor. You really get the most out of the game by hooking up with a group of friends and trying to beat each best times on the various tracks.
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I play both Trackmania Nations and Project Torque.

Trackmania is very fun, sometimes frustrating, and as pointed out above is a little arcadish.

Project Torque is real racing. Give it a try.
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Another vote for Trackmania Nations. Addictive, frustrating and nothing like reality.
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Be aware that Trackmania Nations is reported to contain the controversial (read: malicious) DRM software Starforce.
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In fact, if you search the Trackmania forums for "starforce" you get the following error:

"The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: starforce."

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Actually, my information seems to be out of date. According to Wikipedia, the current version of Nations, called Nations Forever, does not contain Starforce. My apologies.
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Also, if you install Trackmania Nations via Steam, there's no Starforce.
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I dunno how pure you like your racing sims, but there's a TF2 mod called DIPRIP, which is oriented around vehicle combat.
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Best answer: Need for Speed World Online has been announced, but probably won't be out for a while.
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Trackmania and Torque both look great - I see Trackmania is set for the DS. I suppose that means no Wii, eh? Bummer. Great thread.
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Trackmania tends towards crazy, physically-impossible tracks that are entertaining to play, but don't give a real "racing" feel.

Unless someone knows a server where the tracks don't look like Escher drawings?
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Since the emphasis was on free, there's also Super Tux Cart. Normally Happy Penguin is a decent resource for these things, but there's no "racing" category. There's also TORCS, a simulator that should have a Windows build.
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Response by poster: I'm playing TrackMania Nations. And I'm leaning in my chair around the corners. And I know I'm doing it. But I can't stop.

That's the best measurement possible for a fun racing game.
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This trackmania is awesome, I've had more fun with it than a lot of racing games I've paid money for.
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