Best way to send reminder email to others in future.
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What is the easiest and free way to send reminder emails to others on scheduled dates in the future so they remember to do something they agreed to?

Everyday two people from my class are scheduled to clean the lab...however people have been forgetting recently.

I was thinking that it may be helpful for them to receive a reminder email the day it was their turn, however the thought of me doing this every single day is depressing.

I have a couple ideas (,, use gcal and invite people) None of these seem like the best way. For example only allows one recipient per message, thus doubling the time it takes to do this.

Any ideas?
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Just use Google calendar. Add the recipients, setup recurrence, setup notification and you're done.
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I think you need two _different_ people each day ? I'm not that experienced in Google calendar but I suspect it's going to be more difficult than zerokey suggests for that reason ?

Google calendar allows a CSV upload (apparently) which might be easier to do if there are many dates/people. There's one explanation here and quite a number of other explanations here.

I've been using Remember the Milk recently to send email reminders for one task to multiple recipients and that works fine but wouldn't work for when the recipients vary.
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I like Timecave.
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Crap, sorry, misssed that in your question.
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memo to me
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I use to remind me to fill out a timesheet everyday. It helps.
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Response by poster: memo to me costs $ to send to anyone but yourself...It looks like it might work.
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Response by poster: resnooze can't send to others...
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Response by poster: google calendar is kinda weird with it's reminders...if the person has a google account it will only remind them if they set up a reminder, other wise it sends one reminder 24 hours this may work, but isn't ideal
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