Trying to chase down cheesy scifi story.
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I'm looking for the title and author of a sci-fi short story about a man who dies creating a rogue black hole, which then falls in love with the man's wife.

I read this story maybe 25 years ago. As best as I can recall, the plot went thusly: a mad-scientist type creates a black hole, dying in the process. The black hole 'imprints' on him, absorbing his feelings for his wife... she temporarily escapes with the scientist's space-beast(?).

The story ends with the woman and the black hole being transformed into sentient stars.
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Is this it? Differs from your memory, but close enough....
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, that's not it (though some of the elements are startlingly similar!)
Much of the action takes place in outer space. I believe she calls the black hole "Monster".
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An interesting side-bar: sadly, this page seems to lack what you're looking for, but this list of movies and books relating to black holes is (or was, in 2006) part of a class that served as an introduction to Black Holes for nonscience majors.
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It wouldn't be As She Climbed Across the Table by Jonathan Lethem, would it? A physicist creates a black hole in her laboratory and falls in love with it, much to the dismay of her human lover.

That's the only book I know of that even comes close.
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The details of the story are lost to (my) memory, but I'm wondering if this might be Lollipop and the Tar Baby by John Varley.
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Response by poster: While the story I remember certainly seems Varley-esque, the only plot synopsis I was able to turn up for Lollipop and the Tar Baby is as follows:
    Lollipop and the Tar Baby. Cloned "daughter" deep in space is told by a black hole that her mother is going to kill her. She decides to strike first. For some indescribable reason, I really liked this story. Rating: Excellent.

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In Lollipop and the Tar Baby there wasn't really a father at all, the daughter was a clone, I believe. Great story, though.
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Probably not this one, but you might like it: Whipping Star, by Frank Herbert
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Could it possibly by "Kyrie," a short story by Poul Anderson published in 1968?
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Kyrie I actually do remember, and, while it involves love and a black hole, it's fairly orthogonal to the description of this story.
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Best answer: Aha! Found it -- my characterization was a wee bit off. It wasn't a black hole; it was a star. It wasn't a short story, it was a full-length novel.

Rogue Star, Frederik Pohl, 1973

Pohl is, of course, one of my favorite authors (see The Heechee Saga) -- but I think this one was far below his usual standard.
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