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Looking for the best of Hawaiian Reggae - songs like those that get played on Q103 Maui.

I'm looking for excellent Hawaiian Reggae songs to jam to - the kind that would play on Q103 Maui. They can be decades old or new as the last few years. Tempo of any sort is fine, I just want great, great sound. Classics, hard-hitting new stuff, uniquely vibrant sounds and beloved artists - give me the best.

If I could name a single song to help, I would. I just heard Q103 for a few hours last year and I want some more of that great music. I do remember one song that had something about "this island life" (something like 'what is it about this island life that makes it so great' and it wasn't teoman) MeMail me if you need more info, email's in profile if you need that.
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out of the most played hawaiian/"jawaiian" songs on my iphone --
B.E.T. - Trust in Me; Don't Stop
Danyo Cummings - Is There A Place; Perfect Together
Ekolu - Back to the Valley; Stuck on You; Shores of Waiehu
Fiji - Smokin' Session
Ho'onu'a - Feel Good Island Music; Blue Light; Passion Love; She Looks Good
Mana'o Company - Roots Rockin; Sweet Reggae Woman
Natural Vibrations - Put a Little Love; Runaway; Never Never; Put Some Time
O-shen (or Oshen) - Island Warriors; Meri Lewa; Cool Fever
Pati - Island Girls
Three Plus - Undercover Lover; Do What Lovers Do; Jah Music; Honey Baby; Cool Operator

not sure what Q103 sounds like, but if it's like KCCN 100.3 (Oahu), then these are pretty much the same songs. also played a lot on island radio (but not from HI) are J-Boog (from LA), Katchafire (from NZ), and of course, Bob Marley.
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The NATURAL has given you some great recommendations; I had to buy O-Shen's "Iron Youth" album after a brief preview. J-Boog is definitely Q103 material; just got back from Maui (first time off the mainland) and heard him quite a bit.

"Island Life" is such a ubiquitous theme, unfortunately. Check out these lyrics; good luck finding the song if this is it... :)

If that ain't it, get yourself a cold drink and spend some time on Amazon's MP3 download store, or last.fm...you'll be there awhile! Tons of songs simply named "Island Life" out there...
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