Desperate in Vancouver
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Can someone recommend a psychologist in Metro Vancouver who deals with adolescents and adults? My wife and I are at our limits with our 16 yr old who we believe may have some form of personality disorder. We would like her to get some counseling but she's adamantly opposed to it. We would like to get some professional advice ourselves on how best to deal with our family issues and possibly on how to convince her to go for counseling , but picking a name out of a phone book is too much of a duckshoot. I pick Mefi over the yellow pages!
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If no one from mefi works out, ask your family doctor for a referral.
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The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) has resources that may help, including a directory of ministry youth mental health officers (pdf). These folks may be able to point you in the right direction.

Here's what to expect (pdf).
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Try getting in touch with Peggy Grigor and ask for a referral (or, if you don't mind some traveling, see her yourself if you can!). She's on Vancouver Island, but will very likely know someone who can help you.

I knew her when I worked for the guy who founded "Parents for Youth" (in the mid-'90s) - Peggy's got a great deal of experience working with parents who have kids that are in various types of trouble. She's also very warm and easy to talk to..
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(Forgot to mention that Peggy's website - linked above - is really out of date but don't let that deter you!)
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Good experience with a psychiatrist in North Van. I believe she works with mostly youth. MeFi mail me if it's not too far for you.
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Looks like the previous commenters may have you covered, but if nothing works out feel free to contact me off-list; I'm good friends with a bunch of psychiatrists here and I'm sure one could point you in the right direction.
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A great resource for parents would be the EPI programs both at Fraser Health and Van Coastal. They usually are able to point you in the right direction in term of resources and clinicians, be the psychiatrists, psychologists or counsellors.
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