Identify green powder used to flavor popcorn.
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Help to identify green powder to flavor popcorn?

When I was growing up one of our neighbors used a green powder to flavor their popcorn and I need help to figure out what this was.

My only clues are that the powder was most likely some type of herb and may have come from a health food store. The popcorn tasted incredible, so I'd really like to try and solve this mystery.
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Kelp powder with nutritional yeast?
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Recipe for Hot Wasabi Popcorn

See if that doesn't resonate.
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Ground thyme?
Green chili powder?
Ground oregano?

There's a ton of stuff it could have been, especially herbs. What about the taste made it "incredible"? Was it sweet? Spicy? Salty?
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Could be zaatar.
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I've had popcorn flavored with brewer's yeast- really really good. Popular in upstate new york and the midwest, if I recall correctly.
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I've known hippies who put dill on their popcorn. Could that be it?
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Pistachio powder? It's used to flavour icecream, is really tasty imo, is often a really lurid green, don't see why it couldn't be used in a popcorn recipe.
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Oh and pistachio popcorn does exist, see here, second product on that page, sounds yummy.
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seconding spirulina popcorn...still sold here on Maui at health food stores.
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You don't say where you grew up (a little tibit that could be of greater help in getting your question answered), but here in Hawaii, we are extremely fond of "Hurricane" style popcorn, of which the main ingredient is Japanese Furikake, a dried seaweed based condiment for rice.

It's about as addictive as crack.
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