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Looking for avian resources -- vets, toy stores, etc -- in SoCal!

We're moving to SoCal this week with our Congo African Grey Parrot and cockatiel. We're going to be living around Arcadia or Pasadena, but we're willing to drive an hour or so in any direction to visit places. We're looking for the following:

- Places that have a wide selection of bird toys. Usually the store will specialize in bird toys; we're not looking for something like PetCo or PetsMart.

- A vet that is a trained avian specialist. This is extremely important. There are a lot of vets that can mostly only handle dogs and cats, but say they will see birds as well. We have had terrible experiences with these vets and our cockatiel has a long, difficult medical history with something a non-specialist would not be able to handle successfully.
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avian vet finder
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My bird-educator friend in Southern California lives a bit outside your 1-hour range, but did have a vet to recommend in Santa Barbara; Dr Sellers Cat & Bird Clinic apparently does work good enough that she'll drive there from Oxnard for serious issues.
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This vet is great. He saved our cockatiel's life when she was eggbound and other vets in the area were going to just let her die. He is also part owner of the bird store that is next door, which is also excellent. We have moved out of the area, but we miss them both.
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