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My family and I will be driving from San Sebastian Spain to Barcelona the week of April 6th. I am interested to hear preferred routes to take that are off the beaten path taking into account there is still plenty of snow in the mountains. We are happy to go via France or Spain. All ideas welcome!!
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When I took this same trip, returning to Barcelona from San Sebastian, we went over the French border to Biarritz (sp?) and then through France. It was beautiful but we got lost and it ended up being night time for half the drive so I'm not sure how scenic some of it was but I assume it would be a very pretty drive.

On the way to San Sebastian we had driven via Zaragoza and Pamplona (stopping for the San Fermines festival for a few days.) These cities are worth stopping at, and the drive itself is beautiful in a different way; hilly and you go through the Rioja wine region.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that either way is great. Sorry if that's not too much help, but you'll enjoy it no matter what. Also I have to say that San Sebastian is maybe the most beautiful city I've ever visited.
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Response by poster: Thanks you the feedback. I was in San Sebastian in January visiting our son but I got there via Paris on the train which was effortless. We are still stumped on which way to go, Thru France or Barcelona....the entire trip is pretty much planned except the route linking the Atlantic with the Med. We may end up just getting in the car and's just in early April there is bound to be some leftover winter weather! In any case thanks alot for the help.
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