How do I recycle floppy and Zip disks?
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Recycling question - I'm currently trying to minimize my life, and I've been selling used books & music on amazon, and random stuff on ebay, donating things to goodwill, and giving away things to friends and family who would make much better use of them. Well, I have a bunch of used (blank/formatted) floppy & 100MB zip discs that I feel bad throwing away, as they're perfectly good, but I have no use for them anymore. I've looked around online to see if there's anywhere I could mail them for recycling, but I came up with nothing. Does anyone know of a program like this that exists? Or, does anyone need a bunch of floppy & zip discs?
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I would check to see if there's a chapter of Freecycle near you.
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I sent a bunch of floppies to Greendisk.
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Freecycle would be my first choice for someone local who could use them. Otherwise, if you're at the end of your rope, my library would gladly take them since we give out [or sell, presently] disks for patrons who use the public access computers, and we do have a few that have ZIP drives in them.Try local methods first but if you're still looking, drop me a line.
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Maybe try calling your local schools to see if they use them still and would like some donated. Additionally you could try local non-profit or government offices.

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If there's no Freecycle, does your area have a Craigslist or similar web-based announcement board? We've had great luck getting rid of things with a "Box of mismatched socks (clean) in the alley on the corner of Easy St. and Mockingbird Lane. Free, come get them" post. And then you get to watch out the window to see what kind of people travel for a box of mismatched socks.
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I'll second craigslist 'free' section. Its usually very active.

How about an old fashioned garage/yard sale? Charge some nominal fee to make up for all the trouble you went through.

The downside is that most people dont want floppies or zips. These disks just go bad with age. Even if they are in the original packag, that doesnt mean they're any good. Also, a bad sector or a cheesy floppy drive could mean the difference between a good disk and garbage.

Dont feel bad about throwing them out if you have to.
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Look at the prices for floppies nowadays (about a quarter each), and then throw them out.
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Disk recycling.
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