Music for a Long Flight
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I've got a 21-hour plane ride this december. Where can I get lots of interesting non-music mp3s (preferably free ones, but I'm open to suggestions) to fill it up?
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there's a complete This American Life t*rrent out there, but nobody seems to be seeding it at the moment (cough).
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numbers stations

(nb: may cause loss of sanity points)
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Christopher Lydon Interviews... has some pretty good interviews online- Norman Mailer, William Buckley, Cornel West among many others.

BBC Radio has hours of good stuff streaming, but you'll have to get software to grab it as mp3s for later listening. ( I use Replay Radio )
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Response by poster: Awesome; thanks. (Ah, Poe. And that IT Conversations site has lots of good stuff.) Keep them coming, if you would.
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The Beeb's Reith Lectures are always on very interesting topics, and free downloads. I'm particularly a fan of 2003 on the brain, mind, and cognition.
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Does anyone know where online is a good place to get radio plays?
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I've converted dozens of hours of This American Life to MP3s, and use them during my weekly 5-hour-round-trip commutes. Highly, highly recommended.
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Blue Jam Seasons 1-3 of Chris Morris's insane comedy and awesome music, torrented for great justice. I suggest avoiding season 3, which isn't really as funny as the first two.
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Does anyone know where online is a good place to get radio plays?

uknova has a few, though they tend to skew towards SF and fantasy if you were looking for something more down to earth.
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Oh and OTRCAT has a lot of stuff, but the only way to get it from them is by purchasing (admittedly very cheap) discs. No downloads, which has kept me from ordering this.
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I also have a 21 hour plane flight coming up in December and I got the David Sedaris box set from my library [12 hours or so] and ripped it all down to MP3. I don't know if you actually go to school where your email address is, but if so, your library has some great stuff in it.
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and there are Mercury Theater mp3s(1938-40) here.
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Tlogmer, the 9/11 Commission Report is available unabridged via Audible (and, likewise, the iTunes Music Store) for a mere $5. At 20 hrs 26 min, it would fill the flight nicely, if eerily. I'm about two hours into it and am very impressed -- well written and nicely read.
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Just generally books on tape/CD, which you can rip down to MP3s is the books are worth the investment to you.
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Also try this related older Ask.Me question and barbelith.
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Joe Frank.
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subpixel -- For the love of all things good and holy, please tell me where! Email
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Make sure you get good headphones, if your budget allows it. This comment in relevant, but I made do w/ the Sony MDR-V600 headphones.

Headphones like those ones are good enough to drown out most noises. (babies, coughers, etc.)

(digression: If the headphone plug's a straight plug, make sure you get some an L shaped extension so when someone walks past your seat w/o lifting up the arm with the earphone plugin, they don't BEND the metal part of the plug beyond repair)
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