Who is the best bra fitter in or near Rochester, NY?
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Where can I send my wife to receive a professional bra fitting in or near Rochester, NY?

My wife shows me example after example of bra that just aren't working for her. Her primary complaint is that the underwire dislodges. Visits to the local department stores and numerous attempts to find a comfortable bra have been unsuccessful.

I'm a stickler for the way my own clothes fit, so I like to think that I understand her frustration. I'd like to buy her a professional bra fitting, and potentially some bras if all goes well.

Other previous questions suggest either large service-oriented stores like Nordstrom or Nieman Marcus, but frankly, they're four or more hours away by car. We live near Rochester, NY.

I'm looking for a local, reputable, knowledgeable fitter.
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She should check out Embrasse Moi at State & Main in Pittsford. IANAW, but my female friends loved it there. The one complaint was that there wasn't a huge color selection in larger sizes.
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BTW, you don't need to buy a bra fitting; any high-end department or specialty store will do one for free.
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My mother used to work at Southside Women's Center and was trained in how to do proper bra fittings.

Its wares tend more towards specialty items (like mastectomy bras and the like) but you may be able to get a bra fitting there, or they can recommend a place for you.
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I used to work in intimates for a major department store. There is really nothing special about a bra fitting (except a second set of eyes). As long as the band fits snugly, the cups hold everything in and there are no bulges, you are pretty much set.
This month's Allure magazine, in their "How To" column, has an excellent summary of how to select a bra that fits. She should read this and then take herself shopping for an afternoon where she has a couple of hours to spend on this project.
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I disagree that there's nothing special. I had had two or three bra fittings over the years with limited success and then I went to Nordstrom's a couple of years ago. They were so professional and found some excellent options for me--and a way different size than what the other places had sized me for.

(Sorry I can't help with Rochester-specific stuff. Are you sure there's not one in Toronto?)
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Old-school lingerie stores generally have the best-trained fitters. Victoria's Secret generally has the worst-trained--the problem isn't with the employees, though, it's that corporate sends out an inaccurate fitting rubric.

Her primary complaint is that the underwire dislodges.

Either she's wearing bras that are too small in the band size, or she's washing them by machine without using a lingerie bag or washing form. Or maybe both.

Underwire bras need to be washed by hand or on the delicate setting in a lingerie bag or washing form.
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bluedaisy: Nordstrom's doesn't exist in Canada.
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If there is a Nordstrom nearby, I'd recommend that. They're very well-trained.
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