The best music resources online?
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Calling all musicians and music teachers: What are your favorite, indispensable online music tools, sources, reads, etc.?

I'm presenting a clinic at the end of the week at a conference of musicians (university teachers/conductors), and am curious what websites, software, or hardware any and all musicians (amateur or pro)/music teachers find completely useful.

What sites do you use most for listening? downloading? finding new music?

Do you use the internet to collaborate? How?

What audio/video recording/editing software do you like best? Inexpensive hardware?

Some of the sites I'm featuring are Audacity for easy audio editing, Noteflight and BubblePly for student collaboration, and lots of specific sources of music and arts information and discussion, etc.

I have lots of information already, but am absolutely certain that I'm missing lots of good stuff too, the internet being vastly huge and all that. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!
posted by LooseFilter to Media & Arts (7 answers total) 34 users marked this as a favorite has some good (basic and not-so-basic) tutorials and a very useful ear training app.

To piggyback on this question: Does anyone know of an simple online piano roll sequencer that would let me input melodies (more than one at a time) and play the results?
posted by phrontist at 8:52 PM on March 22, 2009 [1 favorite] is a good site to talk about music, recording and other topics in general.
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Uh.... notefilght looks like it might be the ticket actually.
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Pandora is a really awesome internet radio station that creates playlists for you based on what kind of music you like. I've found a few new bands b/c of that site.

Don't forget about Youtube, it's really useful if you want to listen to a song and don't have it on your computer or you want to watch a music video. I don't use Myspace but it's become a legitmate form of music advertising. I use Craigslist religiously, I've bought almost a dozen different instruments/music equipment from CL in the past year.

There's also this site called Metafilter music that has some cool stuff, occasionally some pretty awesome collaborations go down. The guys and gals over there have been super helpful in answering some of my music recording questions and there's some peeps over there who really know what they're doing when it comes to producing/recording.
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Seconding I tell all my students to use For recording I recommend Reaper.
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Various things not mentioned so far,
Public Domain music at IMSLP.
A free online Tuner.

Audacity is a great little program.
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