What does гомули mean?
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On the 21st of March I had a large increase of page views on my blog. The keyword was гомули which Babelfish translates from the Russian as gomuli.

The majority of visitors were from Eastern Europe with most of them originating from Sofia in Bulgaria. The word gomuli seems actually to be a typo in the article I was quoting re: using gomuti palms to produce a liquor in the Moluccas. So what, who or where is the гомули or gomuli that the Bulgarians were so interested in on that day?
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Well, the Bulgarians do not speak Russian, although they use a similar alphabet, so you probably want to find a Bulgarian dictionary.
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My efforts with some online dictionaries has proved fruitless.

You probably know that the 'translation' gomuli is just a direct transliteration of the letters.
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Best answer: I'm Bulgarian, and I have no idea what гомули means. A Google.bg search pretty much confirms my suspicion that the word simply doesn't exist.
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Response by poster: I'm Bulgarian, and I have no idea what гомули means.
Oh, weird! 75% of the visitors found me using гомули as the keyword.
They came from Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Sliven, Dobrich, Vidin, Pernik, Gabrovo, Karlovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Silistra and Turgovishte.
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Best answer: I know russian fairly well and I too have no idea what гомули means.
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Гомул, the singular form of the plural "гомули" appears to be some sort of state park/forest/mountain peak as well as the name of a lodge in the Carpathians. I still don't see why Bulgarians would be conducting English language searches for an incorrect form of the term (I am assuming that your blog is in English).
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It might be some sort of inside joke or something that was mentioned on a television show? I'll ask my friends when I get a chance (I don't currently reside in Bulgaria, so I wouldn't know).
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Response by poster: Thanks halogen. The bulk of them visited at 6am (the last visit was at 11pm) on the 21st which would, I think, make it about 9pm on the Friday in Sofia. The keyword (гомули) only appears on that days listing, never before or since.
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tellurian, the people I asked have no idea what you are talking about--sorry. Maybe you could try searching for гомули in a few days in case Google has indexed more recent pages mentioning the word.
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Response by poster: I'll just chalk it up as a blogging mystery then. Thank you for your input halogen.
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