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Chicago bars: looking for a bar to have a meeting. Requirements: sort of quiet on a Friday night, can accommodate a group of 10 people. Neighborhoods: loop, Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Loop, River North.

This will take place on a Friday evening around 8. I'm thinking Danny's would be good since it has some couch areas, but I'm afraid the music might be kind of loud, and the atmosphere too dark, to hold a meeting.
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Best answer: The California Clipper, which opens at 8, has a back room. Things don't start heavily hopping there till 9:30 at the very earliest, I'd say. Live music starts at 10. It's a little west (California and Augusta) of where you ideally want to go, but on the upside that means it will likely be quieter than some place on Division.
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Is the upstairs at Danny's still open? They used to open it up every once in a while for bigger parties. Maybe Marc can open it up for a bit if you give him a nice tip. That is if it is still in decent condition.
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You can reserve (for free) the back room at Ten Cat Tavern. It's usually pretty quiet there at 8pm on a Friday. It's a bit north of where you wanted to go, however: on Ashland just south of Irving Park.
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i had no idea danny's had an upstairs!
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