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Google Maps is great but I wonder if I can input my contacts so that all of them appear on a map that I can look up as I travel about the world. Is there another program that does this or will I have to do it by hand?
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I'm sure there are other, higher-tech options out there, but CardScan software offers this functionality, although you wouldn't (easily) have the ability to view all of your contacts simultaneously--just one at a time. The feature isn't clearly listed or outlined on their webpage, but it's there--I worked for them for awhile. Otherwise it's a fantastic piece of software and a great value. MeMail me if you need more details.
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Dopplr does this, and has the additional benefit of showing you which of your friends are *also* travelling to a given destination during the same time period as you. It will look at your address book to determine which of your friends it holds data for and WILL NOT spam your contacts - or indeed, contact them in any way. It also has discreet privacy settings and is a reasonable amount of fun. I like it, and I think if I travelled more, I'd love it.
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PS: If you want some idea of how Dopplr works, my exceedingly dull Dopplr link is in my profile (and indeed, those of many other MeFites.) It's the rainbow striped one.
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Batch geocode is my favourite utility for making maps of info that I don't want to enter one by one.

Export your contacts to an Excel or .cvs file, and just paste it in. You can then save the Google Earth .kml file, which can be uploaded to Google Maps and saved to your My Maps as well.
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