What the fruit?
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What are these things we found in our sink?

I found these bizarre things in my brother's sink this morning. Neither of us remembers seeing them before this morning, or putting anything unusual in the sink recently. They look a little like ancient strawberries, but there are no seeds on the skin.

Any thoughts on what these might be, and (bonus) how they got in the sink?
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They look kind of floral. Maybe from herbal tea?
posted by jrossi4r at 11:31 AM on March 22, 2009

Strawberry hulls.
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They look a lot like dahlia or chrysanthemum flower head things to me. Could they have been present in the wine, os is the cork only there for a size reference?
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Best answer: They're wild hibiscus flowers in syrup. Some details here.
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Seconding hibiscus. Also sold dried, sometimes called sorrel.
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Thirding hibiscus. Did someone make hibiscus tea last night?
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Did you eat artichokes the night before? My immediate thought was that it looks like the choke -- except for the color. Then I saw the image with the wine cork....

My theory:
1) After a dinner the dishes are cleared and the chokes end up in the kitchen sink drain trap overnight
2) The dregs of the wine are poured down the drain, saturating the chokes and staining them red.

This has to be the answer -- I feel it in my bones!

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Response by poster: Yes, I think hibiscus is it! I had a fruity to-go drink from a Mexican restaurant last night, and now I remember I dumped out the ice in the sink. I guess those must have been hiding in the bottom of the cup.

Ask Metafilter cracks the case again. Thanks!
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You can make jamaica-- hibiscus tea-- at home, too, assuming you've got access to a Mexican market or other supplier of the dried flowers. Recipe here. Good for you and really refreshing.
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