My wireless lan connection is enabled, but i cant turn it on!
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My wireless lan connection is enabled, but i cant turn it on!

It seems to be in perfect working order, the only problem is that to turn wifi on, i have to press a soft button above my keyboard.
Since installing windows 7, these buttons don't work (they make a sound when i press them, but they have no function)
Thats a picture of my laptop (medion md9330S) and the buttons in question.

Is there any other way to turn wifi on?

Ive tried reinstalling the vista drivers and also theres no fn key combination to turn on wifi on my laptop..
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This is obvious but if you could, go into vista and enable it there and see if it carries over in 7. You can google some dual boot guides to learn how to partition your disc and have 7 and vista dual boot in harmony.

Or wait and hopefully medion will have windows 7 drivers at it's launch for your laptop.
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Response by poster: Thats a good point, but there must surely be a way to manually enable it - how can they make it completly reliant on a programmable soft button??
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It's a wild guess in my part, but can you enable it prior to Windows booting up (e.g. in the "press F1 to enter setup" type of BIOS setup screen?)
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