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Australian readers, what is a good financial planning/money management site (like that is localised?
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I'm not an Aussie, but has an Aus-localised version. (It's run by Kiwis.) Full-on accounting rather than personal finance, and not cheap (AUS$49/mo) but I have friends who work as freelance consultants who swear by it.
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Best answer: ANZ Money Management works with all Aussie banks.
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I maintain a financial planning and investment FAQ site, originally it was the FAQ for the aus.invest newsgroup, but that group long ago became infested with trolls and spammers, so its not specifically just for newsgroup readers.

The site formerly known as the aus.invest FAQ

I'm aware that there is a general rule, "no plugging your own stuff" here, so if the mods wish to delete my answer go right ahead, but it is a free site delivering exactly the kind of content the asker is asking about, and I spent a lot of time writing it, and people say it is one of the best sites of its type, so hopefully this won't cause too much offense!
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Response by poster: Thanks Mokusatsu, I checked out your site, but really I'm looking for a ready reckoner budget thing.
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You could contact me and I'll email you one. I have various spreadsheets for budgeting and the like.
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It's not Australian, but New Zild's is very nice and has all sorts of budgeting tools. F'rinstance, this budget calculator.. Since you enter take-home pay, rather than before tax, it should be okay for Aussies. In any case, you don't need to register to give it a go.
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