TV film title sought
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Title of made for TV film (70s), playing in Crete. Plot: young infertile woman meets the devil. He needs a mate who can't bear children. Devil is leader of a cult, which has existed long. In the end she has a pseudo-pregnancy and kills him that way.
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don't know, but you may want to try here if you need to.
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Satan's School For Girls?
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Response by poster: It is not Satan's School For Girls. Seem to recall the woman was from England and it played in Crete (Greece).
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Oh, shit - I remember this one. I think there was an abundance of freemason-stuff.

I just have to let my brain rest for a while and I'll get it.
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No, sorry - my brain is not working. I do vivedly remember parts of the movie. The ending was a series of rapid zooms onto the male characters face as he happens to see the pregnant woman.

I think it was released about the same time as it became public knowledge that the leaders of the G7-countries was freemasons.

It wasn't a very frightnening movie (or perhaps I was to young to understand everything).
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