How to add Google search engine back to Firefox?
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I deleted the Google search engine from my Firefox search engine bar. How do I add it back?

You know the bar beside the address bar in Firefox? I removed Google and went to the search-engine page to search for Google."com" since my results were showing up as Google."ca

What happened was there was no Google search engine! Now I'm stuck with yahoo. Please tell me how I can add Google back to the bar. I miss it. Thanks.
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Click Here
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Right click on the space where it should be and go to "customize". There should be a search bar in there. Just drag it back to where you want it.
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Or if that doesn't work go here:
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Does this work?

How to change your FireFox Location Bar Search Engine
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Click on the Yahoo icon (or the currently selected search engine) to go to your list of search engines, select "Manage search engines..." then click the "Restore Defaults" button.
(I deleted Google from mine to make sure this work)
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first to help and give the right answer, and finally make my results! yay! thanks a ton
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