Proper tip for a massage?
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My wife recieved a gift-certificate for a massage as a baby shower present. I've searched google and found that it's common practice to tip your massage therapist, but how about in this situation? Should we assume the tip is included in the gift-certificate?
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I doubt the tip is included, I believe the gift certicate would just cover the costs of the massage only.
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The tip wouldn't be included, unless (obviously) the certificate is for $50 and the massage cost $40 and you tell them to keep the change.

See also this previous AxMe
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If the GC doesn't specify an amount but says something like "Good for one hour of massage", call ahead and find out the cost of one hour, then be prepared to tip 20% (or whatever you think would be appropriate - if I get a good massage, I'm generally ready to sign over all my worldly possessions to the practitioner so I'm not a good barometer of appropriate massage therapy tipping practice) of that cost.
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I've given massage gift certificates, and I make sure to add enough sufficient for a tip to the gift certificate. So, it could go either way depending on whether the buyer was thinking ahead. It's not impolite to ask the massage place if the certificate covers the tip, but it is standard practice to tip something so if it's not included you should pay it. I round up $10-$15 depending on how wonderful I feel at the end.
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dness2 is definitely correct. My wife is a massage therapist, and often receives tips from her gift certificate clients (even though she doesn't solicit tips as part of her practice).
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