Help me track down the name of a disturbing film!
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Help me track down the name of a disturbing film! It involves a french woman cutting bits of her self off and eating herself because she feels her body is alien to her...

at least that's the impression I had... this was a fairly recent movie. I remember it being in b/w but that may not be correct. Part of what is sticking in my mind about this film is that I have the impression that the director stared in the movie and cut her self intentionally for the film.
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Best answer: Googling "movie" and "self-mutilation" turned up Marina de Van's In My Skin, French title Dans ma peau (2002). Seems to fit the description.
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Yes, it's got to be Marina de Van Dans ma peau. She directed and was the lead actress.

beware... it's rather intense, as you'd imagine. I didn't know how gruesome it was, went to a screening and had to leave partway through.
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I first thought it might have been ''la pianiste'' . The option of ''Dans ma peau'' sounds right.
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I was reminded of "The Edible Woman" by Margaret Atwood, which it definitely isn't.
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Yes, definitely In My Skin. Brrrrr!
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yeah "in my skin" a VERY tough film to watch till the end.....probably lost 80% of the audience by the halfway point when I saw it in the theater.
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