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Recommend me software, preferably free or cheap, so that I can permanently normalize and clip about 200 mp3s.

I'm not looking for something automatic, I don't mind doing it one tune at a time. What I definitely want to avoid is converting mp3 to something else.

Extra points if normalizing the mp3 is something the software can do without tons of steps.
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Look into ReplayGain. Totally lossless (only writes ID3 tags rather than modifying MP3 data) and can be converted to iTunes sound check amplification data with a plugin for the popular tagging tool mp3tag. ReplayGain can be done on an "album" basis, where it instructs the playback software to reduce the playback volume of certain songs in order to make the volume across an album more consistent and/or in "track" mode, where the same principle is applied on a library-wide basis to approximately level playback volume across all tracks. ReplayGain can also be used to prevent clipping on playback.
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Response by poster: Inspector,

I should have mentioned that I'm playing all these mp3s using an ipod mini.
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MP3Gain and others will do ReplayGain => Soundcheck data that the iPod will understand.
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mp3gain totally is what you what. It comes up as the first thing in a google search for "normalize mp3".
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