How to get the best deal when buying art?
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How to get the best deal when buying art?

We are looking to buy a print to celebrate the birth of our first child. We have a specific artist and a specific era of said artist's work in mind (although open to changing if we see something else we like). We are in London and there are a few different galleries who deal in the artist. The best answer in this question has some good advice/tips, but given that was 2004, has the current economic climate made galleries more open to negotiation (even at the lower end of the market where we are looking)? Would more than 20% discount be possible (we will be paying cash)? And do you have any advice for not being intimidated by snooty dealers??
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Most artists are having an especially tough time of it presently. Perhaps you are aware that most of us get only 50% of the gallery price for our originals and prints. Think about that as you ask for a 20% discount. And seriously you can damn well deserve a snooty response.
Just saying.
Stay with me. A 10% reduction is normally the max a gallerist is willing to make. Asking for that is not unreasonable. So go into the gallery, inspect the work, be pleasant, ask the price if you don't see it posted. Tell them a bit about the celebration, but inform them you'll need the 10% or it just can't happen. Done deal. Everyone will be happy.
Good luck and congratulations.
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Approach the artist directly if that's possible. You both will win this way, as they can give you a better price and get more money for themselves if the gallery is not involved.
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