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Is there a web based video editor that can upload directly to youtube?

I'd like to run a simple video editing contest on my website. Is there a way for people to edit videos online without using desktop software?

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I'd worry about uploading as a separate problem. Jumpcut, though I haven't used it. You might check delicious entries tagged editing, video, & online.
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I haven't used it myself, but I think One True Media will do what you're looking for.
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* Eyespot stopped in October.
* Jumpcut stopped uploads in December.
* Flektor stopped in January.

I think they're still going, though with the heavy attrition rate, it might be good to just suggest that people edit it on their computers then upload it:
* Jaycut
* Omnisio
* Moviemasher provides tools to post on your website?
* Motionbox
* others listed on delicious.
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