MacBook screen replacement?
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I broke my MacBook's screen, and I'd like to get it fixed. A quick googling turns up several firms. Can anyone recommend a specific firm?

TechRestore's work seems somewhat dodgy. (I've seen pictures of damaged bezels, etc.) Does anyone have experience with MacService? Any other firms that you would recommend?
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I have sent an iPod to iResQ, and they did everything they said they would, in very fast time. I have no reason to think that a macbook would get different service. They earned my trust, at least for one time.
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Best answer: I used macservice for expressly this purpose-- I had cracked my screen. While I sent it there I decided to also get my ram upgraded. both things worked out fine, except for one 'stuck' pixel on my lcd screen. A tiny orange speck that I barely notice now. When I called about it, they told me that only a significant number of broken pixels could merit a recall, and that this was why apple charged so much and why they charged so little in comparison. (I think apple wanted like 800 dollars.) I would recommend it, but beware that no matter where you go, you might end up with a dead pixel.
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second on

used them a few years ago for a broken powerbook keyboard. they send you a box with return postage to ship your computer in.
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I'll refrain from self-linking, but please feel free to email me at my if you'd like another suggestion.
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Response by poster: I went with MacService and very pleased with their work. I would recommend them to everyone.
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