Biography suggestions?
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What are some good biographies of James Madison?

After reading the Malcolm Gladwell book, "Outliers" I decided I wanted to read a biography of each president of the United States to see what types of advantages lead to someone becoming the president of the United States. I'm about to finish American Sphinx, which is about Thomas Jefferson. Naturally, James Madison is next.
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It is an academic book, so I'm not sure it fits what you are looking but I highly recommend The Constitution and America's Destiny. It treats the American Founders as politicians.

A lot of James Madison's own writing is available, like his notes on the Constitutional Convention - great stuff. Esp. his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson later in their lives.

For a straight up biography, I would recommend this.
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I liked The Business of May Next; James Madison and the Founding, by William Miller. It mainly looks at Madison's role in writing the Constitution. Little Jimmy was crazy smart and did his homework.
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