I can has embedded fonts?
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Where can I find a list of fonts that can be legally embedded using @font-face?

Yes, it's only supported by a few browsers right now, but I'm looking to try it out. I know of a handful that can be legally used in this manner, but I'm hoping there's a catch-all list out there somewhere.

Failing that, suggest your favorite embeddable font. Bonus points for stylish yet high-quality serifs!
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The Open Font Library is a repository of free and open fonts, either public domain or licensed under the OFL.

Smashing Magazine often has free font roundups and often include information about licensing in their descriptions.

Searching for "license-free fonts" is a good place to start to find other lists, though you're always safest double-checking the licenses and not relying completely on others.
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The only list I can recall seeing is this one. Yes, it's depressingly short.
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