A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and Lyon singing in the wilderness.
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I'm going to Lyon this weekend and will be free from late Saturday evening to about noon on Sunday. I'm into food and photography but am on a super-tight budget, so I'm looking for both some cheap, tasty delights and some particularly pretty little corners of the city. I'm staying in Vieux Lyon, going to a concert in Villeurbanne, and can speak French.
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For Sunday morning:
The Parc de la Tête d'Or is in the north of the city and is lovely, especially with the gorgeous weather we've been having lately. Take a look at the zoo inside (free!).
If you want to walk some more, I recommend going south down the Berges du Rhônes, then heading west across one of the bridges and exploring either Vieux Lyon or Croix-Rousse. Both are nice old neighbourhoods with "traboules", which are little passages in between buildings, and fun to explore.
To go up to Croix-Rousse, take the C line from Hotel de Ville. Or hike up the hill. There's a nice view of the city at the top.

For eating:
I don't know what you consider to be cheap, but I had a excellent meal at the Contre-tête last night. Definitely worth spending a little money for a terrine de foie gras.

Oh, and just in case the weather turns bad, the "Printemps du cinéma" starts Sunday. You buy a movie ticket for 3.50 and can see at least 3 movies with it. The Comeodia on rue Berthelot has a fair selection of movies, all undubbed.
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For cheap eats and gastrotourism on Sunday morning, you could visit Les Halles de Lyon, in the 3rd arrondissement (east of the Rhône). If you're leaving from Part-Dieu (the main train station), it's particularly well situated. Shops are open Sunday mornings. You could go there before or after visiting the Parc de la Tête d'or.
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For dinner: consider L'Entrecote. Their famous entrecote costs € 17, including a lettuce/walnut salad with mustard vinaigrette as a starter and pommes frites with the main dish, service included (14,35%).
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You could climb the hill to Fourviere (the basilica). It's a steep walk but has a great view. The market along Quai de Berges (?I think) goes from early Sunday til about noon, and has some delicious food.
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