Loooking For Scorpions To Eat
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Where can I find scorpions (either jerked or canned) in New York City?

I'm making a Scorpio themed meat pie and would like to go literal with the ingredients. It know they are eaten in Thailand but so far no luck finding them at the Thai markets I checked. If anyone knows a shop that sells them that would be great.
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This page has a list of sites where you can buy scorpions (roasted, chocolate-covered, brined, etc.). However, all the scorpion products seem to be sold out at Thailand Unique.

Good luck!
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Note of caution re: scorpion munching - I'm not sure if it's regular practice to de-venom before consumption, but the one and only scorpion I ate (decent sized black scorpion) made my lips and tongue go numb for a half hour... like comedic-cliche numb, all flappy lips and slight drooling and talking like a mongo. I was starting to think I might need to go to a hospital or something, but then it lightened up.
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Response by poster: I was assuming that they came de-venomed but after hearing your experience FatherDragon I'll make sure to find out. Thanks for the links, Lush. Looks like I may have to wait until they restock.
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I had one once at the Explorer's Club, where the chef is famous for his exotic (read: gross) canapes. If nothing else, you could ask him where he got it and if he could slip you some.
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