How much is this 1950 series $20 bill worth?
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My boyfriend got a $20 bill from the bank - the old style. It's a series 1950 C. He wants to keep it and not spend it... Is it actually worth anything? It is creased and there are signs of aging, and someone wrote "100" on it with a pencil. Otherwise, it's sharp and in good condition.
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It's worth $20. Mint, uncirculated bills could be worth more than that, but there were so many of these printed that a heavily-circulated bill like this one isn't likely to be worth much to a collector.

Collectors on allexperts appraised several bills at around that range.
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There are some on ebay for around $32 - they look to be in similar condition to you boyfriend's. That is an asking price so I'd assume it's close to an upper limit on the value unless there's something special about the bill.
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It's not a star note, is it? Might be worth about $20 otherwise, especially with the wear and writing.
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I have a couple of old bills, and they aren't worth anything beyond face value. I keep them because they are neat. When I'm feeling nostalgic, I pull them out and engage in speculation... I've got a 1935 $5 silver certificate that is so worn it's fuzzy, and I just can't imagine the pockets its been in...
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Might be worth about $20 otherwise...

I'd say it's definitely worth $20, but I doubt much more. I still get older bills from the bank. Seems they kept enough of the older bills in circulation.
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$170.53, adjusted for inflation. (Purchasing power of $20 in 1950 vs. 2007.)

In reality, it's only worth more than $20 if you sell it, but it's doubtful that you'll make a huge profit as you are already dropping a couple of bucks on ebay, paypal, and shipping after the fact that you're sending off $20. Still, bill collecting can be a very interesting hobby. The bills of the 1800 and early 1900s can be quite spectacular.
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List it on eBay, set the reserve price at $25 plus shipping.

But really it's worth $20.00.
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