Batch processing multiple-page PDFs
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I need to batch process a 54-page PDF through Bridge (or Photoshop) and it doesn't seem to be saving properly.

Okay, this is fairly complex but I'll try to explain it briefly. I have a 54-page letter-sized InDesign file; in each page of the ID file is a linked 2"h x 8.5"w image from a 54-page PDF. Page 1 of the ID file corresponds to page 1 of the PDF and so on.

Each page of the linked PDF is a grayscale raster image. Here's the actual question: I need to batch process the PDF such that it runs an action on each page and my output is a different 54-page PDF.

Alternate solution: same as before, except it outputs as 54 different sequentially-numbered files which I can package into a single PDF document via Acrobat.

What I tried was to select the PDF in Bridge, select Tools | Photoshop | Batch, then make sure it was the right action, with destination Save and Close, and run it. Instead of saving and closing, it goes through all 54 files, keeps them open, then throws up the error message "There were no source files that could be opened by Photoshop."

Then I tried it again with a new Action that had Save As TIFF and Close, and tried again. "There were no source files that could be opened by Photoshop." And now I have to close 54 separate, unchanged files again. Dammit.

All I need to do is change the levels on 54 pages and somehow, through any fashion, get 54 TIFFs or PDFs or JPGs or, like BMPs, I don't care. Ideas?
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Best answer: Okay, I just had an idea which I wish I'd had before I posted this question.

In Acrobat, open the file, Save As TIFF, run the action as a batch on the folder full of TIFFs, bring TIFFs back into Acrobat, create single PDF from the 54 files, rename that file to the one linked in the InDesign file, update links.

this is so stupid
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Move along folks, nothing to see here.
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