Will another User on my PC be able to view my favourites etc?
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Windows Vista for Dummies 101: This is probably a totally stupid question, but if i create another user account on my laptop for a friend, will that person be able to view my internet history, favourites and passwords I have saved (i.e. "Remember me on this computer" and whatnot)?
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If you give them a very low rights account then no. If you give them an administrator account then favorites and to some extent internet history will be exposed, but only if they know what they are doing.
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If they are administrators or know the administrator's password then yes. If they are a regular user then no.The easy way to test this is make that account. Log in as him and try to browse your files.
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Even as an admin it is difficult to look at another user's browser history. Not impossible, though.

Just give them a regular user account and they'll be confined to that as long as you don't give them the admin password. Oh, and make sure you have an admin password.
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