Am I using the right guide to set up AwStats?
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Is this the right guide to help me set up AwStats to process log files downloaded to my local drive, even it's for Apache and I'm using IIS -- W3C Extended log files?

Background: Previously, we've gotten our "official" website stats from an outside group who use WebTrends. In house, we use GA and WebLog Expert. Very different top referrers (puzzling) and raw visitor stats (natch).

I'm attempting the nearly impossible and find a log-based analyzer that will give me the closest stats to WebTrends, for continuity's sake.

I'm having a hell of a time with the install... just to test a quarter's worth of data. But, here in the Green and other places, it's so strongly recommended that I don't want to discard it as an option. I don't know how to script or have a lot of background in this area, but am happy to play and learn... as long as I'm on the right path.

The potential follow-up questions I think i should be asking are:
If this isn't the right set of instructions, can you point me to one that is?
Am I missing something fundamental in my understanding here?

Thank you!
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Well the official instructions are here (and there is a section for IIS)
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Thank you, thewalledcity, but perhaps I'm missing something. I've been over those official instructions, and it seems to be for installing awStats server-side.

For example, Step 2 "Copy the your server's cgi-bin directory." The crux of the issue here is that I need to set it up to run locally, off downloaded logs.
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