Pick up laundry in NYC?
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Can anyone recommend a reliable pick up/delivery wash and fold laundry service in NYC?

After years of dropping off my laundry, I am moving to a neighborhood without a laundry mat nearby. All the buildings have coin-op machines. I might try to start doing it myself again; but laundry for my wife, daughter and me piles up so damn quickly that I don't think I'll last long, especially if the dryer sucks as much in my new apartment as my old one.

Do you know of a laundry service that is reliable and will pick up and deliver your regular wash and fold laundry in NYC? They would need to service (very) downtown Manhattan (south of the Brooklyn Bridge).

Any ideas?
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My brother swears by HamperVille.
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Slightly off-topic perhaps (I don't know if this service operates in the US), but for people in Germany or Austria, Cleenbox is very good.
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I think it's harder to find ones that *don't* do this. I'm not in your neighborhood but on my block in the UES, there are at least three who pick up and drop off laundry and/or dry cleaning. I'd walk your block or ask in your building for recommendations.
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They would need to service (very) downtown Manhattan (south of the Brooklyn Bridge).

this is the two bridges neighborhood, right? you'd really be better off walking around the neighborhood to find a place that washes/folds/delivers, there's bound to be at least one within an eight block radius. better to support a local place, that is likely to pick up/deliver within 30 minutes of you calling, then a citywide company that has to schedule things way in advance freshdirect-style.
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