I'd like some smart advice for storage (and moving) in NYC!
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I'd like some smart advice for storage (and moving) in NYC!

I'm leaving NYC (Park Slope, Brooklyn specifically) at the end of this month. Nearly all of my belongings will go into storage for at least the next 5 months, possibly until the end of the year (volunteer work in MA, 3 hours away). I may need to access this storage once every couple of months. Later this year, I may return to this neighborhood, I may move to California, to Texas, or wherever the wind blows.

I'm asking HM because I've had some bad experiences in the past. I've had my property hijacked (just like stories on movingscam.com) and I can do without a rerun. I also need a reality check on my current plan thus far.

There's a UHaul storage less than a mile away. I can store there for about $120/mo. I could make a longer haul out to Jersey and store for $80/mo. (approx). It's making sense for me to pay a little more for less work, the possibility of moving back here, and that I may need to occasionally access items in storage.

I also like the idea of pod storage but pods.com doesn't service this area (too congested). Are there others like this?

What about climate control, rodents, packing items for this longer term situation? I realize this question could digress to many ways --what's most important for me is your advice on the smartest, least expensive way of handling this as well as words of caution!
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manhattan mini storage is really good. There was recently another NYC moving item with some recommendations. I recommend some friends of mine, College Educated Movers. Good luck
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Manhattan MiniStorage is a probably a little more pricey than you want, but I have to say, they have the best customer service I have ever received from any company. Everyone, from the people on the phone to the shuttle guy to the guys at the warehouse, was just awesome. If you pay for six months in advance, they also provide free moving, which actually might make up for the increased costs.
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I left NYC in January and did a considerable amount of price/quality shopping around (in Manhattan and over in Jersey). I found the best deal for the money over in Jersey, given my time horizon, even with the tolls for the tunnel and extra gas and such figured in. I'd recommend either the Extra Space Storage or StorageMart on River Road in Edgewater/West New York - their prices are significantly lower than the places in Hoboken, and they're both pretty competitive, if you find a quote on either's website and take it to the other one, they'll generally try to give you a better deal (I got both a lower monthly rate and an extra month free beyond the competitor's advertised offer). Its ten minutes from the Lincoln tunnel and the nice thing is that if you're coming from the north side of the city, you can take the GW bridge and shoot down through Edgewater to avoid the city / tunnel traffic altogether on your way there.
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On the (and moving) part of your question:
flatrate.com helped immensely with our move this past Saturday. They called to see if it was ok to show up an hour early (which it was), and they completed the entire move in 3hrs (from East Village to Midtown East). The three guys that showed up were super friendly, and really good. No damage, great speed and great service. They will come equipped with garment boxes, tv boxes, and a big box for miscellaneous stuff as well.
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third the recommendation for manhattan mini storage, they really do have amazing customer service. slightly more expensive than the competition but you do get what you pay for.
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