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I will be driving from Rochester NY to Steamboat Colorado with my two dogs. I'll be looking for dog friendly accomodations. Any unique or special locations I should shoot for? Thanks

I know lots of the chain motels now allow dogs but I'm wondring if anyone knows of a ranch, or farm or unusual spot that would make the drive more fun.
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Just a quick question - are you looking for places IN Steamboat or along the way to Steamboat?
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Response by poster: Along the way boulder20
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When we moved from seattle to Atlanta, we found that Comfort Inns were dog friendly.
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Best answer: The question is, how many days?
The fastest route, which is basically route 80, could really be done in two days.

How far off the fastest route do you want to go? How far off can you go, in terms of time? (Route 80 is a major cross-continental highway, it is not exactly the scenic route)

First thing, I would plan a big push the first day. Get as far West as possible. With your dog, you are probably looking to avoid cities, so just blow past Cleveland, Detriot, and Chicago. With a big push the first day, and you could be past Chicago.

Then, with a dog, you should be looking at State and National Parks.

Badlands National Park, in South Dakota, is totally amazing. The badlands are, in my opinion, one of the coolest places on earth. You and your dog will love it. And if you go to the Badlands, then the black hills of south dakota, and mount rushmore, are nearby. But this is a bit out of the way.

There are several cool state parks along the Lewis and Clark Trail (The Missouri River, for where you are hitting it). Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota all have great Lewis and Clark parks. Capt Lewis had his dog with him when he was on the trail. You and your dog can walk in their foot-steps.

In Missouri, the Ozark Mountains are full of great parks, and scenic wonder.

in Kansas, Tallgrass Praire is a great national wildlife preserve. There are several cool parks and trails and stuff there.

There are also two Presidential libraries and birth-places that are sort of en route. Hoover in West Branch, Iowa, and Truman in Independence Missouri.

And of course, there are two great national parks in colorado itself. Rocky Mountain National Park and Great Sand Dunes National Park.
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I wish I could offer something great! We did the trip the opposite direction with our dog last summer (CO - ME). We did just stay in the chain motels for the most part. But, we looked up dog parks and dog friendly swimming areas in the different states (simple Google searches turn these up) and that allowed us to at least get him some good play time in. As well as state parks and rec areas.

This site might help as well:
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Response by poster: Thanks so much Flood and Boulder20something.
All good suggestions which I will utilize. My two dogs are athletic standard poodles and need exercize breaks. I didnt think of national and state parks...They would be great for all three of us.
I appreciate you help.
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Response by poster: also thanks to fleebnork for the Comfort Inn tip
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