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Mattressfilter (again): I've read all the past mattress threads, but am hoping someone can help me out with a specific brand. We are leaning towards an "Original Mattress Factory" mattress as they seem to offer good value for the money. Does anyone have any experience with these? [mo inside]

We are looking at their Orthopedic models. The sales guy said they compare to Sterns and Foster, and looking at the guts of the things side by side, they do look similar. My worry is that the internal padding will sag over time, and I’m unsure as to the general quality. Google yields mostly nothing in the way of reviews.
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I have an OMF mattress (not orthopedic) and after four years, it still seems to do the trick. I got a firm mattress and I kind of wish I had gone with a softer one or a pillowtop model.
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I bought an OMF mattress a few months back. Can't remember which type.... sorry. But it is quite comfortable, and I would buy from them again if I needed another bed. The only odd thing I noticed was that when it was brand new it smelled kind of funny. I can't say for sure if the smell went away or I just got used to it, but it definitely had a weird smell for the first few weeks.
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Hubby and I have had an OMF mattress for about three years now, and it's still extremely comfortable. I don't remember which model it is, but it's basically a firm mattress with a big plushy pillow top.

We chose OMF because, after staying at a family member's who had one in their guest room, we both commented that we'd gotten the best night's sleep we'd had in a while, even better than at home.
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Thanks for the help all. I'm off to by my mattress now....
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