Where to start on a demography paper?
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paper filter: I'm doing a paper on information technology's effect on population growth/migration. Where do I start?!

I have a 12 page paper due friday (i'm a procrastinator). I was wondering if you folks could give me an idea on where/how to start. It's for my Economics of Population course so it has to be more towards demography.

I'm having a hard time finding articles through my schools online database search. Any help/resources would be highly appreciated!
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Ask your librarian about the databases; that's what they're there for.
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Try NBER. Also, previously.
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Also, OECD. But really, ask the econ/social sciences librarian.
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I goofed around for a few minutes on G.Scholar using various combinations of "immigration", "technology", "information technology", "ICT", "demographic change", etc. There is slim pickings, which suggests that though the information is probably out there, this technique will not easily find it. Here's what I found, maybe it will be of use:

and this book: Anderson, Stuart. Employment-Based Immigration and High Technology. Washington: Empower America, 1996.

My university doesn't subscribe to any of those journals, BTW,which suggests that they are obscure or perhaps regional.
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