good stories make good neighbors?
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Please help me remember this little zen-like "life-is-what-you-make-it" story about moving to a new neighborhood.

It goes something like two men are moving to this town, and they ask [the local wise man-guru-buddha-whoever] what are my new neighbors like? And [wise man] says, what were your old neighbors like? And the first guy says they were great, loved living there, good people etc. and [wise man] says well that's exactly what your new neighbors are like. And the second guy says they sucked, they were selfish and didn't mow their lawn etc. and [wise man] says well that's exactly what your new neighbors are like.

That's the gist of it but it's all out of order and I'd like not only to be able to relate it properly but also to give proper credit it if there's a known author.

(Other little vignettes in the same vein are welcome too.)
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The way I heard it, it was an old man traveling along a road, and he meets two different people arriving at the city he's just leaving. Same kind of story after that - old guy asks what the people in the last city were like, etc. Not sure about the original source.
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I am pretty sure this was just posted as an answer in an askme thread, but it was told as a story by Confucius I believe. He was meditating outside the city and the two different people come by to the new city.... but I can't for the life of my find it right now.
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Is it this one?
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Here's a PDF with a version of the story, saying it's "attributed to writer Kahlil Gibran." Experience has taught me to be very skeptical of attributions of quotes to famous people with no further details.
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Or as hot soup girl demonstrated, it was on the blue (which is weird, cause I never go there!). Also, life of me, not life of my. Sigh.
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You will enjoy Ron Sexsmith singing a Sesame Street songs called On The Very First Day. Its a kids songs about moving to a new neighborhood.
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Yes, hot soup girl, that is the story! Thanks (and thanks grither for setting hot soup girl's search in motion).
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cool story
and a good lead in for ho'oponopono
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