Doctor recommendations in North Seattle
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Looking for doctor recommendations in North Seattle

I recently moved to the Seattle Northgate area and am looking for recommendations within 5-10 miles of Northgate for:

1. A female primary care doctor (I'm just more comfortable with a woman doing my pelvic exams.)

2. An orthopedic surgeon/sports medicine doctor (I hurt my shoulder recently.)

3. An eye doctor to do an eye exam and write a new glasses prescription. I'm a bit confused as to whether I want an ophthamologist or an optometrist. My previous eye doctor/glasses prescriber was an opthamologist, but every ophthamologist on my insurance list says that they DON'T do eye exams/glasses.

For all three, I'm looking for someone who listens well, and is easy to get along with.

Also, Dr. Matin, who was a recommendation in a previous thread, is no longer taking new patients.
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If you just want an eye exam for glasses and contacts you want an optometrist. If you have eye diseases like cataracts or you are looking to get corrective surgery you want an ophthalmologist.
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The Polyclinic has a very good reputation, and they have a Northgate branch. Check out their website and read the biographies of doctors to see if there is one you might be interested in. You can schedule a brief meet-and-greet appointment to get to know the doctor and see if you like them. They have access to all the facilities of the Swedish Hospital system, so your primary care doctor can refer you to the specialists that you need for your shoulder.
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I have been *extremely* happy with the care I've received at the various Polyclinic locations. All of the doctors (and I'm up to about four now) have met your "listens well and is easy to get along with" requirements, but not all are female. I suggest taking a look at the family doctors section of their site and seeing if any of them are taking new patients. They're also very good at getting you in for appointments in a reasonable span of time - I've never had to wait more than a week or so for non-urgent care.

I also saw Dr. Franklin at the Seattle Orthopedic Center a while ago for some knee pain and was impressed. Other friends had referred me to him, and he came highly recommended (it turns out there wasn't anything to do for me except take lots of Aleve, but my friends had needed surgery and had good outcomes.)
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I also heart the Polyclinic. My Primary Care doctor is in the Northgate location, and he is Dr. Thomas King. Not female, but an outstanding guy.

I also have been treated there by Dr. Sue Paik, who is another Primary Physician. She was also outstanding.

I recommend both highly.
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Third the recommendation for PolyClinic. They're wonderful!
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Dr. Davis Pitt, at the Sports Medicine Clinic at the Northwest Outpatient Center -- it's on Meridian, about 5 blocks south of Northgate Way. He's done good things for me and several of my friends.

In the same building is a women's health clinic -- my wife sees Dr. Vu and had a great experience and she's typically reticent about going to the doctor. Hope that helps.
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Primary care: I see Dr. Milah Frownfelter at The Polyclinic - Capitol Hill. She is kind, thoughtful, and smart as a whip -- I can't recommend her enough.

Orthopaedics: University of Washington's Sports Medicine Clinic. A pain in the butt to find/park, but worth it. John O'Kane, in particular, is great. I have heard good things about Christopher Wahl as well. And their physical therapy team is wonderful, if you end up needing their help.
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I'll second Dr. Pitt at the Sports Medicine Clinic.
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For eyes, we like Dr. Scott Campbell at Spex in downtown Seattle. VERY thorough, and smart, whether you want just glasses or have bigger issues.
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Consider a memail to Slartybartfast
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Thanks to everyone who commented. All of the suggestions have been very helpful.
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